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Kubernetes Continuous Exposure Management

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With XM Cyber’s Kubernetes Exposure Management, you can finally see and eliminate attack paths across your container environments.

In recent years, Kubernetes use by development teams has grown significantly, given the ease and flexibility it provides for managing and deploying applications. But as critical as it is for the management of applications, it opens many new security issues that are increasingly exploited by attackers.

Now security teams can get access to a multitude of techniques to protect Kubernetes clusters. Kubernetes Exposure Management helps security teams protect critical assets running in Kubernetes clusters across public cloud, private cloud, and on-premises infrastructure. By mapping all possible attack paths onto an attack graph, teams can gain context of risk towards critical assets in Kubernetes clusters. And by understanding this context, issues can be accurately prioritized, to focus on remediating the exposures where attack paths converge at choke points. This allows for productive remediation that reduces risk in the most efficient way.

Kubernetes Exposure Management delivers continuous visibility into vulnerabilities, risky permissions, and misconfigurations that could allow attackers to breach Kubernetes environments and access valuable data and applications. By extending XM Cyber’s industry-leading XM Attack Graph Analysis to Kubernetes, organizations can now see risks and intelligently prioritize remediation based on potential impact to critical assets.

Benefits of XM Cyber’s Kubernetes Exposure Management


XM Cyber is a leader in hybrid cloud exposure management that’s changing the way organizations approach cyber risk. XM Cyber transforms exposure management by demonstrating how attackers leverage and combine misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, identity exposures, and more, across AWS, Azure, GCP and on-prem environments to compromise critical assets. With XM Cyber, you can see all the ways attackers might go, and all the best ways to stop them, pinpointing where to remediate exposures with a fraction of the effort. Founded by top executives from the Israeli cyber intelligence community, XM Cyber has offices in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Israel.



Find and fix the exposures that put your critical assets at risk with ultra-efficient remediation.

See what attackers see, so you can stop them from doing what attackers do.