Cybersecurity Context, Paul Giorgi – XM Cyber

Paul Giorgi, director of sales engineering for XM Cyber, explains how the acquisition of Cyber Observer will add cybersecurity context that is often sorely…

Seven Months After Acquisition by Schwarz Group, XM Cyber Acquires Cyber Observer         
Press Releases

Acquisition Extends Attack Path Management Platform Through Addition of Continuous Control Monitoring Innovator Herzliya, Israel, June 27, 2022 — XM Cyber, leader in hybrid…

Attack Paths: Just 4 Steps Can Compromise 94% of Assets

Behind every so-called data breach is a more discrete “series of incidents,” typically involving attackers or insiders first gaining access to system and then…

Wider View of Attack Paths: Safeguarding Crown Jewels: Zur Ulianitzky XM Cyber

Attack Paths are not a new phenomenon. In simple terms, an attack path is identifying vulnerabilities that can be exploited by threat actors to…

XM Cyber Counters Attacks Involving Microsoft Active Directory Exploits
Press Releases

First Solution to Reveal Entire Attack Paths Across AD and Other Vectors,  Aiding Remediation and Continuously Protecting Critical Assets Herzliya, Israel, May 24, 2022…

Top attack techniques for breaching enterprise and cloud environments

In this video for Help Net Security, Zur Ulianitzky, Head of Research at XM Cyber, talks about the top attack techniques used by threat actors…

SOC modernization: 8 key considerations

Organizations need SOC transformation for security efficacy and operational efficiency. Technology vendors should come to this year’s RSA Conference with clear messages and plans,…

Swapping small attacks in cyberspace. What Lapsus$ internal chatter reveals. Costa Rica won’t pay Conti’s ransom. No farms, no future. Locked Shields wraps up.

Anonymous counts coup with their #OpRussia campaign. Alternative energy suppliers in Europe sustain cyberattacks. What Lapsus$ internal chatter reveals. Costa Rica won’t pay Conti’s…

94% of critical assets can be compromised within four steps of the initial breach point

An XM Cyber report reveals the security gaps and hygiene issues that exist in multiple attack paths across on-prem and cloud environments, demonstrating the…

How many steps does it take for attackers to compromise critical assets?

The XM Cyber research team analyzed the methods, attack paths and impacts of attack techniques that imperil critical assets across on-prem, multi-cloud and hybrid environments.

New and less known cybersecurity risks you should be aware of

In this interview with Help Net Security, Zur Ulianitzky, Head of Security Research at XM Cyber, gives insights on new and less talked about cybersecurity risks organizations…

Four moves to ‘checkmate’ critical assets thanks to lax cloud security

Malicious actors can compromise 94% of critical assets within four steps of the initial breach point, according to a report

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