Breach and Attack Simulation

Continuous attack modeling for real-time discovery of threats and security gaps without injecting malicious code

Building a resilient cybersecurity infrastructure with multiple security controls leaves organizations exposed and vulnerable with security gaps that form due to exposures from unmanaged activities like misconfigurations, shared credentials, and poor user activities. Cyber attackers use known vulnerabilities to get to your network and then lay low, looking for these security gaps to move laterally on their way to your critical assets.

XM Cyber’s graph-based simulation technology continuously discovers the attack paths that lead to critical assets, enabling full visibility into organizational security posture. This allows users to understand how vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, user privileges etc. chain together to create a cyber-attack path to compromise critical assets.

Solution Benefits

Use the attacker’s perspective for full network risk visibility
Continuously and safely test the cyber risk to your business
Save time and money by focusing resources on critical issues
Improve IT Hygiene across on-prem and cloud envrionments

Key Product Features

See the attack before it happens

Use continuous attack modeling to see the possible attack paths attackers can take and eradicate the risky spots that get them closer to your critical assets.
Solution Brief

Automated red teaming and penetration testing

Get a real-time evaluation of your security tools’ performance and use attack modeling to automatically reveal misconfigurations, mismanaged credentials, risky user activity and more
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Focus resources on critical issues

Follow the prioritized remediation plan to solve the issues that have the most impact on your critical assets
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