Unveiling the Hacker’s Mind: Insights into the Future of Cybersecurity
July 13, 2023

The landscape of cybersecurity is constantly evolving, with emerging technologies reshaping the way we protect our digital infrastructure. One such technology that has garnered…

Companies of the Schwarz Group Partner Up with FC Bayern Munich
July 04, 2023

PreZero helps save resources by promoting circular economy at club venues Lidl’s own brand Saskia mineral water for players, hospitality fans, and Employees STACKIT…

What is cloud security? Fundamental guide
June 25, 2023

Don’t expect your network cybersecurity system to meet your needs in cloud computing. To protect your assets in a virtual environment, you need to…

Focus Security Efforts on Choke Points, Not Visibility
June 05, 2023

By finding the places where attack paths converge, you can slash multiple exposures in one fix for more efficient remediation.

3 Challenges in Building a Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM) Program and How to Beat Them
June 05, 2023

If you’re a cybersecurity professional, you’re likely familiar with the sea of acronyms our industry is obsessed with. From CNAPP, to CWPP, to CIEM…

How ‘quick wins’ can boost cyber agility and resilience 
June 05, 2023

Cybersecurity has reached a major crossroads – and the paradigm for success has shifted. For years, the lack of control over, and visibility into…

XM Cyber Announces Strategic Partnership with SAP to Deliver Robust Security for Hybrid Environments
May 16, 2023

  Partnership will provide SAP customers with comprehensive exposure management capabilities and in-depth visibility of attack surfaces HERZLIYA, Israel , May 16, 2023 –…

XM Cyber Signs Distribution Agreement With Prianto
May 11, 2023

May 11, 2023, Warsaw, Poland, Prianto, one of the leading distributors of enterprise software in Europe and North America – providing a wide range…

Eliminating 2% of Exposures Could Protect 90% of Critical Assets
April 16, 2023

Read more on cloud security here: A 2023 Guide to Secure Cloud Deployment for Improved Application Security

A small number of exposures can put 90 percent of critical assets at risk
April 16, 2023

New research reveals that a small volume of security exposures can put more than 90 percent of an organization’s critical assets at risk of…

Report finds 75% of security exposures don’t put organizations at risk
April 16, 2023

A new report from cybersecurity firm XM Cyber Inc. has found that three-quarters of security exposures don’t put organizations at risk, but a small number of…

Most Attack Paths Are Dead Ends, but 2% Lead to Critical Assets: Report
April 16, 2023

Security posture management firm XM Cyber took tens of thousands of attack path assessments involving more than 60 million exposures affecting 20 million entities…

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