Join XM Cyber at the 2019 White Hat Rally Car Trek

XM Cyber joins other like-minded, socially responsible participants from the cyber world at the annual White Hat Rally science fiction-themed Car Trek adventure to raise funds to support Barnardo’s in their work with vulnerable children.
The Car Trek – Le Finale Frontier will be held between September 12 and 15 in France’s northwestern region. The rally is primarily aimed at those working in cybersecurity, but everyone is invited. No industry knowledge is needed so friends, families, and co-workers are very welcome to join.

“We are very proud to help the White Hat Rally organize and host its annual navigation and driving challenge that really does put the fun into fundraising,” said Richard Dickinson, Sales Director, XM Cyber.

The rally is not a race and points are not given for speed. Any four-wheeled car can be entered, from old bangers and vintage sports cars to your everyday runabout. Many teams decorate, brand or personalize their car in very creative ways!

XM Cyber’ excited team is called the Purple Galaxy. We invite you to join our effort to contribute Barnardo’s by donating any amount. Just click on the image below!

“The White Hat Rally is an action-packed, laughter-filled, clue deciphering, head-scratching treasure hunt that unites the industry, forges friendships, creates business connections, provides brand awareness and most importantly, raises money for charity,” said the organizers.

The term “white hat” in Internet slang refers to an ethical computer hacker, or a computer security expert, who specializes in penetration testing and in other testing methodologies that ensures the security of an organization’s information systems.

To meet our excited team on the road, please email us at [email protected].

About XM Cyber

XM Cyber provides the first fully automated breach and attack simulation (BAS) platform to continuously expose attack vectors, from breach point to any organizational critical asset. This continuous loop of automated red teaming is completed by ongoing and prioritized actionable remediation. In effect, XM Cyber’s platform operates as an automated purple team, combining red and blue teams’ processes to ensure that organizations are always one step ahead of the attack.

About White Hat Rally

Formed in 2009 by individuals from the UK Information Security industry, White Hat Rally is a not for profit charitable organization creating exciting non-competitive motorsports events to raise funds which go directly to our registered charities to support their work with vulnerable children and teenagers.


Find and fix the exposures that put your critical assets at risk with ultra-efficient remediation.

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