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Not again!Personal Facebook data at the mercy of an entire researcher community…

Personal details from gender to relationship status, status updates and personality scores of millions of users are free game to Cambridge University Academics. Apparently data harvested through the popular Mypersonality app that was used for targeting ads, was shared for free for four years with  with anyone who discovered the access credentials  on GitHub. App author, David Stillwell, claims Facebook was aware of the project for years. So will be seeing Zuckerburg in the Congress hot seat again? More

Organized crime in the UK climbing, says NCA
More sophisticated, costly and disruptive attacks on enterprises and governments expected.

Cybercrime in the UK is rising in scale and sophistication and the line between criminal and nation state attacks is  unclear according to the NCA.   NCA’s annual report claims serious and organized crime (SOC) “affects more UK citizens, more often, than any other national security threat. Technologies accessed through anonymous gateways such as the Dark Web are predicted to continue to lower the entry barrier to numerous cyberattacks. More

To report  or not report a cybercrime… That is the question

Under-reporting cybercrimes compromises the ability to make robust assessments of the scale and costs of network intrusion. Organizations failing to report if they were the victim of a cyberattack are putting others at risk, according to the UK’s NCA (National Crime Agency).  Even when reported, police hands are often tied by victims that are not prepared to prosecute. The outcome is an influx of cyber criminals who believe crime does pay.Unfortunately the lenient sentences handed out in court do not help prevention. More

Chilis restaurants card breach is not the spicy story they desired.

Parent company, Brinker International disclosed a data incident involving compromised payment card information. Apparently the exposure of payment information mostly occurred during  March and April this year. It is believed that that hackers used malware to capture payment data from “payment-related systems” for in-store transactions at Chili’s locations. Fraud resolution and credit monitoring services will be offered soon by the company More

New community tool for GDPR compliance

A new open source tool, GDPR Rails, was built to help businesses comply with GDPR. The tool was designed to work on apps running on Ruby on Rails. Its user-friendly panel displays all pending data requests or active policies. Tool developer Carlos Yaconi, CEO, Prey Software claims the toolset will continue to grow as GDPR evolves. We love this cool idea and hope Carlos and his team can scale this tool for large organizations.  More


Security Gaps Remain as OT, IT Converge More

Vulnerability in Electron could pose danger to Skype and WordPress web apps More

Critical PGP Vulnerability discovered.Could be a protocol vulnerability More

Rail Europe credit card breach for over three months More


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