Stop prioritizing exposures that don’t impact risk

Make faster, more confident decisions about which exposures to fix and which to put on hold. Know exactly what to focus on with XM…

What is Cyber Risk Quantification?

Cyber Risk Quantification (CRQ) is a vital process in cybersecurity that calculates the potential impact of risk in terms that make sense for your…

Blueprints for a Reliable Threat Exposure Program in the Construction and Engineering Industry
Bill Bradley | February 22, 2024

Issue: The construction industry impacts our daily lives and drives trillions of dollars of spending in critical infrastructure, roadways, sporting venues, and other projects….

Attack Techniques in Okta – Part 1 – A (Really) Deep Dive into Okta Key Terms
Eli Guy | February 14, 2024

  Welcome to the first installment of our blog series on attack techniques within Okta. Okta is an identity management service that establishes the…

Delivering Continuous Exposure Management for a Global Leader in ERP
Bill Bradley | February 08, 2024

Situation: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software helps global businesses run 24x7x365 operations. And just like any other vertical, ERP software providers need to ensure…

Cyber Insurance, Smarter
Caleb Jones | February 07, 2024

Integrating exposure management into cyber insurance policies can dramatically reduce risks for insurers and slash premiums for businesses – a true win-win Cyber insurance…

Closing the Communications Gap – XM Cyber to Help DevOps Succeed
Bill Bradley | February 01, 2024

A weekly update highlighting where XM Cyber customers are seeing value with the continuous exposure management platform. Issue: Team sports require clear communication to…

Mobilizing CTEM with XM Cyber and Jira Integration
Dale Fairbrother | January 31, 2024

One of the key stages to effectively implement a Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM) Program is the Mobilization stage.  This last step along the…

The Value of Extending Your Team
Hezi Nagar | January 25, 2024

It’s a classic dilemma in any domain: how to accomplish more, without spending more. Addressing the ever-growing number of exposures that organizations have is…

Standing Tall – Top Tips for Your Security Posture Program Webinar with Chris Roberts

Today, more than ever, organizations need to understand, align on, and mobilize around security posture to facilitate the growth executive teams want to see….

Scoping Risk and Impact: A Deep Dive
Maya Malevich | January 18, 2024

A Series on the 5 Stages of CTEM (Stage 1 = Scoping) Welcome to the first installment of our five-part journey through the stages…

Gartner® Report – 2024 Strategic Roadmap for Managing Threat Exposure

The exposures that organizations face are constantly evolving, requiring the adoption of an equally adaptive approach to addressing these challenges. Traditional vulnerability management efforts…

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